“Dolphin Tank” Millions of people are captivated by the new products and initiatives proposed and vetted on the hit TV show, Shark Tank.

We too have marveled at the ingenuity and boldness of the entrepreneurs and product creators, and we respect the business acumen of the sharks.

When we discern a little more deeply, we can see that the interplay between creator and investor/consultant is a dance that has happened for thousands of years in various forms.

Both creator and investor/consultant play a vital role in the economic systems that help individuals, families, cultures, and nations flourish.

Collaborating with you

The Genesis Group believes both creator and investor/consultant are vitally important to the world as well. The principals of The Genesis Group believe our assistance of the Catholic creator should be one of collaboration, support, and assistance. Thus, we see ourselves as dolphins, not sharks.

The principals of The Genesis Group approach your ideas with eyes of faith. We believe in grace and its dynamism. We believe in magnanimity. We believe God magnifies efforts when two parties approach a relationship with a radical Christian spirit.

Let’s talk about your ideas, hopes, and dreams.

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